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Looking for a way to stay on top of your grades while training during the season?

Register for Edvanced Learning Academy’s afterschool tutoring classes to improve your grades and ace your tests.

Be a part of the group of students who have walked through our doors and moved on to prestigious universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UC Berkeley, Brown, and more. Edvanced was founded in 2007 and we are one of the highest rated Learning Centers in Orange County. The majority of our students have scored above the 2000 barrier, and well into the 2300s. For the New SAT, our students have improved an average of 200-220 points. We are dedicated to quality instruction, and our teachers are carefully selected based on their proven track record. Our teachers have graduated from top universities including, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, UC Berkeley, NYU, UCLA, UCI, to name a few.
If you’re a sophomore or a junior in high school, we can help you prepare for college entrance exams, such as the SAT and the ACT.

For the next two months, we are running an exclusive special. Classes with Edvanced Learning Academy at Next Level Sports are 50% off, when you call and register within the month of November.
Available Classes and Pricing:

AP/CP Math Classes (9-12 grade) – $400/month –> 50% off at $200/month
AP/CP English Classes (9-12 grade) – $400/month –> 50% off at $200/month
AP/CP Science Classes (9-12 grade) – $400/month –> 50% off at $200/month

SAT Prep Classes – $500/4 classes –> 50% off at $250/4 classes
ACT Prep Classes – $500/4 classes –> 50% off at $250/4 classes

College Counseling – $100/hour –> 50% off at $50/hour

Visit our website to find out what classes we have to offer! Call us at (714) 243-5335 or email us at